StatisticsLectures.com, 2010
Founded in 2010, StatisticsLectures.com first contained 32 video lectures on Statistics. Now in 2012, there are over 500 lectures and videos, in addition to calculators and computer tutorials,. StatisticsLectures.com has helped over a million students, parents, and teachers improve their quantitative abilities.

We focus on creating short, applied content with an emphasis on the logic behind various statistical methods.

StatisticsLectures.com, 2011

I really like the way you simplify the process into numerous steps. Now, I know what exactly is the logic behind those calculations when I use STATA. Thank you very much :)


I'm a third year university student at the U of C in Calgary, Alberta and these videos really pushed me through my introductory social stats (sociology) research classes. Kodos to you guys!


thank you for this; unlike many teachers and textbooks, you describe clearly and logically what us learning statisticians need to know.


I don't usually put comments on youtube, but this time, I must say : THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PERFECT EXPLANATION THIS, I GOT AN A ON THE TEST LAST MORNING!!!!!


Great job my friend! Kudos to you for sweetly dissecting the complexity associated with Anova and explaining in a clear, simple way.


Cannot express how much this helped me.... much appreciated!


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