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I really like the way you simplify the process into numerous steps. Now, I know what exactly is the logic behind those calculations when I use STATA. Thank you very much :)


I'm a third year university student at the U of C in Calgary, Alberta and these videos really pushed me through my introductory social stats (sociology) research classes. Kodos to you guys!


thank you for this; unlike many teachers and textbooks, you describe clearly and logically what us learning statisticians need to know.


I don't usually put comments on youtube, but this time, I must say : THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PERFECT EXPLANATION THIS, I GOT AN A ON THE TEST LAST MORNING!!!!!


Great job my friend! Kudos to you for sweetly dissecting the complexity associated with Anova and explaining in a clear, simple way.


Cannot express how much this helped me.... much appreciated!


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